Flightstar Microlight Aircraft

The Flightstar Aircraft manufactured in India and delivered ready to fly. The airframe components are all aircraft specification aluminum and protected against corrosion. The wing is streamlined strut braced with large diameter, tubular spars reinforced with double sleeves and stainless bushings. The custom airframe components are designed with wear life and maintenance in mind.

They are machined and finished to a very high standard. The wing and control surfaces are covered with pre-sewn, pre-colored Dacron, in a custom color pattern you get to choose. With the optional X-ply Mylar coverings, the wings and tails are easy to clean and give long lasting performance without the cost and hassle of other systems. The coverings are computer designed and cut to ensure proper fit. The covering sets have all the re-enforcement patches sewn with openings for inspection. The quality control and assembly method we employ produces unbelievably tight, attractive flight surfaces.

The cockpit cages are made of 4130 chrome molly steel, finished in black powder coat. The various brackets are manufactured from stainless steel. The seats are made with padded gray Corduroy and are surprisingly comfortable. Three-point shoulder harnesses are standard, with four-point harnesses available as an option. The windshields are thick, lightly tinted poly-carbonate plastic. The instrument panels are large and vibration isolated. The composite fairings and enclosures come finished in a color of your choice.

The main landing gear is rugged and made from 4130 chrome molly-powder coated and utilizes a long travel, bungee cord suspension. The nose wheel is directly steered from the rudder pedals and pivots in large oilite bearings. The nose wheel fork utilizes pultruded glass fiber fork rods for suspension. The main fuselage structural member is large diameter aircraft aluminum boom, which mounts the engine, wing and tail surfaces. The Flightstar dyna focal engine mounts are 1/4 thick die-stamped aluminum, with rubber vibration isolator mounts. The exhaust mount is a rubber isolated stainless assembly that clamps around the exhaust muffler eliminating the cracking problems common in welded attachments.

All fasteners used are either AN or MS specification. The 10 gallon fuel tanks are molded for Flightstar in thick crosslink polyethylene. This allows the use of all available automotive fuels without affect from oxygenated additives like Ethanol or MTBE. The tanks come with a proper sump and PMA approved lever- type cap and drain fittings.

Standard Equipment

  • 60hp HKS 4 Stroke Aircooled Engine
  • Fully Enclosed Cabin With / Zippered Sport Doors
  • High Lift Wing With Streamlined Struts
  • Flightstar Wingfold System
  • Durable Aluminum And Stainless Custom Hardware
  • 10 Gallon Rotational Molded Fuel Tank W/Sump
  • Full Dual Control System
  • Rugged Chromemoly Cage And Landing Gear
  • Heavy Duty Stamped Dynofocal Engine Mount
  • Anodized Airframe For Corrosion Protection
  • 4 Point Pilot Restraint Harnesses
  • Your Choice Of Custom Colors
  • Full Instrument Package
  • Complete Electrical System
  • In-Flight Adjustable Trim
  • 3 Blade Composite Propeller
  • Azusa Drum Brake System
Flightstar IISC / Specifications

Wing Span 32 Ft
Length 19 Ft.7 In.
Height 7 Ft.10 In.
Wing Area 157 Sq. Ft.
Aspect Ratio  6.53
Empty Weight 385 LBS
Gross Weight 450 kgs.
Fuel Capacity 10 Gal.
Power Plant 4 Stroke HKS 700E (680 C.C. 60 HP @ 6200 RPM) 3.47 To 1 Reduction Ratio.
Propellers Power fin F Model 70'' Diameter


Cruise Speed (@ 75% Power)  65 Mph.
Stall Speed (Vso @ Wg) 36 Mph.
VNE 96 Mph.
Climb Rate (@ Wg) 600 Fpm
Max. Range (W/10 Gal.) 250 Miles
Roll Rate(45 To 45) 2.8 Sec
Takeoff Roll (@ Wg) 205 Ft.
Glide Ratio (Engine Off) 7 To 1
Sink Rate 450 Fpm

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